Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lower Division Typist - Model.Previous Questions and Answers - 2016

Typist Model Questions and Answers - 237-2010

Typist Model Questions and Answers - 106-2011

1. The first typewriter to be commercially successful was invented by:a) Chrishophersholes
b) Charles Babbage
c) Pellegrino Turri , d) Hansen
2. The sing used at the end of an abbreviation:
a) Full stop b)Semi colon
c) Exclamation Mark d) Colon
3. In a letter an officer will put his signature ........... the designation:
a) below b) above
c)left d) between the name and designation
4. The full form of D.O.Letter:
a) Department Office letter b) Demi Office letter
c).Directing Official letter d) Director's Official letter
5. Card Holder is situated at ....... .. ... .
a) below the carriage b) left side of a cylinder
c) above the cylinder d)
both the sides of type guide
6. At the end of Government Notification/  Government Orders type ............ .
a) Eyorder of the Government b) ByorderoftheGovemor
c) Forwarded by order d) Yours faithfully
7. Which finger is used for typing single inverted comma?
a) Left fourth finger b) right second finger
c) Left Third finger d)right third finger
8. Virtual memory is what?
a) Part of secondary storage used in programme execution
b) Part of main memory only used for swapping
c) A technique to allow a programme, of size more than the size of the main memory, to run.
d) Built in memory inside the CPU
9. Windows represent nearly everything as what?
a) Object b) File
c) Data d) Software
10. Which of the following is menu-based software which allows
navigation across the Internet to access resources?

a) Casper
c) · Gopher
b) Archie
d) Telnet
11. The programme to start up a computer system is called what?
a) Operating system
b) Rebooter

c) Veronica ·d) Utility programme
12.  How much does K represent in
terms of memory?
a) 1000 bits b) 1024 bytes
c) 1024 bits d) 1000 bytes
13. Assembly Language is
a) High level language
c) Machine dependent
b) Machine independent
d) Directly executable
14.  An assembly language
programme must be translated into

a) Machine independent language b) Machine language
c) High level language, d) Mark up language
15. An assembler converts source programme into
a) Link prograrnrne b) Executable programme
c) Machine programme d) Object programme
16. In networking, cross talk between individual wire cable pairs is minimized by use of
a) Insulation only b) Insulation and special wire frisking
c) Moderns d) Multiplexing
17. The use of computer for routine processing of a firm's data is called what?
a) Game application b) Horne application
c) Business application d) Entertainment
18. A line drawn over any Roman numeral Indicates :
a) Addition of the numerical with 1000
b) Subract of thenumeral from 1000
c) Multiplication of that numeral by 1000
d) Division of that numeral by 1000
19. The master key in a Typewriter is:
a) Letter N
b) Letter D
c) Letter A
d) Letter M
20. The instruction 'By Hand' on the envelop is to be typ:
a) Top left comer
b) Top centre

c) Right top comer d) Bottom left comer
21. A Type writer can be identified by:
a) Chasis number and
make's name

b) Chasis number and colour
c) Maker's name and colour
d) Chasis number and speed
22. Paper release lever is also known as :a) Paper adjuster
c) Paper guide
b) Paper feederd) Paper holder
23. Which finger is used for striking the space bar?
) Left thumb b) Right thumb
c) Right little finger d) Left little thumb
24. Guide keys are ......... and........ .
a) Z and, b) a and;
c) q and p
d) z and;
25. The cylinder is covered by ............. India rubber.
a) Soft b) Medium
c) Hardened d)Thick
26. 'His Highness' used as salutation for........
a) letter to supreme court Judge b) letter to Arch Bishp
c) Letter to Governor d)letter to an emperor
27. Movement of carriage in a typewriter based on............ .
a) Key tension b) Touch tension
c) Main spring tension
d) Carriage Rack tension


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