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LD Typist - Word Processing Questions and Answers

Word Processing Previous Questions (Conducted by LBS Centre)

LD Typist - Word Processing Questions and Answers

1. The full form of EMD in tender form is:

a) Earnest Money Deposit b) Early Morning Decision

c) Earned Monet Deposit d) Early Mail Delivery

2. Which finger is used to type the letter 'c'?

a) Right middle finger` b) Left index finger

c) Right index finger d) Left middle finger

3. What is the use of Mail spring?

a) To get step by step movement

c) To get sluggish movement

b) To move the carriage towards left

d) To stop the carriage

4. The space bar is fixed:

a) at the top of the keyboard

c) at the bottom of the keyboard

b) at the left side of the keyboard

d) at the right side of the keyboard

5. Which key should be used to get equal column?

a) Shift key b) Tab key

c) Shirt lock key . d) Margin release key

6. The latest model key board is called ........... ..

a) Universal b) Ideal

c) New generation d) Scientific

7. Which is the odd one?

a) Pica c) Roman

b) Elite d) Delux

8. The typewriter with 80 to 100 degrees are called:

a) Foolscap b) Foolscap

c) Brief d) Policy

9. The paper guide is found on the ............ side of the paper table.

a) Left b) Centre

c) Right d) below

10. The keys which do not make impression on the paper are called:

a) Character keys b) Tab keys

c) Shit key d) Non character keys

11. Cylinder is also known .JS :

a) Pattern b) Chord

c) Draw band d) Carriage

12.     The capital M stands for

a) 100 b) 1000

c) 2000 d) 900

13.     Home Keys are .......... .





14.     ........... .. is used to type beyond the right and left marginal stops

a) Tabulator key b) Shift Key

c) Marginal Stop key d) Marginal Release Key

15.     Key Board is arranging alphabetically

a) Yes c) Alternately

b) No d) None of the above

16.     Universal Bar is situated .... -......... the segment.

a) Behind b) Above

c) Below d) None of the above

17.     Draw cord gives tension to the .......... .

a) Space Bar

b) Cylinder

c) Shift Key

d) Carriage

18.     ................ is used to operate Space Bar.

a) Left Thumb b) Right Thumb

c) Right little finger d) Left little finger

19.     There are ................ kinds of shift system

a) four b) One

c) Two d) Three

20.     Receiving Tray is at the ........ side of the Duplicator

a) Top b) Back

c) Bottom d) Front

21.     The shift key should be depressed by the ..... of either hand

a) small finger b) left thumb

c) right thumb d) None of these

22.     In a Pica type head .......... letter were typed in one inch.

a) Five b). Eight

c) Ten d) Fifteen

23.     . .. ...... ..... is used before the name of a company

a) Messers    b) Sri

c) Smt.    d) Miss

24.     . . ..... .. .. ............ is used as a salutation for sending a letter to the Governor.

a) His/Her Excellency b) His Highness

c) Hon'ble d) Respected Sir

25.     . .. .. ........ gives ink to the Stencil sheet in a Duplicator . .

a) Silk Carrier b) Carriage

c) Ribbon d) None of these

26.     Correction can be carried out in a typed Stencil paper by using .............. .

a) Correction paper b) Eraser

c) Correction Fluid d) Whitener

27.     Cylinder Ratchet wheel is situated .on the left side of the .... ......

a) Spare Bar b) Cylinder

c) Paper plate d) Paper table

28.     .. ............. Helps to take the carriage to the beginning of the next line

a) Line space lever b) Cylinder Rachet Wheel

c) Thumb Wheel d) Margin Releaser

29.     Marginal Releaser or Marginal Release Key is a big key on the ............. side

a) Left side b) Top side

c) Bottom right d) Bottom left

30.     The address of the sender should be at the ........... side of the envelope.

a) Centre b) right bottom

c) Top right d) Left Bottom

31.     . .. .......... ... envelope save time and labour

a) Open b) Window

c) Closed d) None of the above

32.     The address of the addressee should be :n the ............ of the envelope

a) right side b) Left side

c) top d) bottom left

33.     While sending letters from government offices we can see at the top of the envelope; On IGS' stands for.. .. .... .... .

a) On India Government Servant b) On India Governance Service

c) On India Government Service d) On India Government's

34.     Virtual memory is what?

a) Part of secondary' storage used in programme execution

b) Part of main memory only used for swapping

c) A technique to allow a  programme, of size more than the size of the main memory, to run.

d) Built in memory inside the CPU

35.     Windows represent nearly everything as what?

a) Object b) File

c) Data d) Software

36.     Which of the following is a menu-based software which allows navigation across the Internet to access resources?

a) Casper

c) · Gopher

b) Archie

d) Telnet

37.     The programme to start up a computer system is called what?

a) Operating system b) Re booter

c) Veronica ·d) Utility programme

38.  How much does K represent in terms of memory?

a) 1000 bits b) 1024 bytes

c) 1024 bits d) 1000 bytes

39.     Assembly Language is

a) High level language

c) Machine dependent

b) Machine independent

d) Directly executable

40.     An assembly language programme must be translated into

a) Machine independent language b) Machine language

c) High level language, d) Mark up language

41.     An assembler converts source programme into

a) Link prograrnrne b) Executable programme

c) Machine programme d) Object programme

42.     In networking, cross talk between individual wire cable pairs is minimized by use of

a) Insulation only b) Insulation and special wire frisking

c) Moderns  d) Multiplexing

43.     The use of computer for routine processing of a firm's data is called what?

a) Game application b) Horne application

c) Business application d) Entertainment

43.     The address of the programme instruction to be executed next is held in what?

a) Register b) Accumulator

c) Programme counter d) stack

44.     A CD-ROM is what?

a) An erasable ROM b) An optical ROM

c) A magnetic ROM

d) Rewritable ROM

45.     Which of the following is true for GUI?

a) They use icons and menus which users can select with mouse

b) Making use of computer easier for non-professionals

c) Both the above

d) Lies commands to interface -with computer

46.     What is i in i Mac?

a) Industry b) Internet

c) Interesting d) Internal

47.     What is not true about flow ·charts?

a) A flowchart is amuser for proper programme development

b) A flowchart helps in logical analysis of the problem to be solved

c) A flowchart is generally preceded by the computer programme

d) Uses symbols for representing problem solving.

48.     The information recorded on a videodisk can be

a) Updated later b) erased

c) Rewritable. d) permanently written on the disk

49.     Which of the following would cause quickest access?

a) Direct access from a magnetic tape b) Direct access from a hard disk

c) Direct access from a floppy disk d) direct access from optical disk

50.     A Microsecond is what?

a) Thousand times millisecond

c) Thousandth of second

b) Thousandth of millisecond

d) Hundred times milliseconds

51.     A byte usually cannot represent which of the following?

a) A statement b) An alphabet

c) A punctuation mark d) Numeric

52.     The inside of a CRT screen is coated with what?

a) Phosphor b) Radium

c) uranium d) Iron Oxide

53.     The average number of jobs a computer can perform in a given time is known its:

a) Output b) Speed

c) Throughput d) Job scheduling

54.     Bandwidth is what?

a) Transmission speed of channel

b) The difference between the lowest and the highest frequency transmitted

c) Unit of distortion

d) Width of the nase signal present in the transmitting signal.

55.     Bandwidth rate is what?

a) Transmission speed of channel

b) The difference between the lowest and the highest frequency transmitted

c) Transmission capacity

d) Average delay required for transmission

56.     During the execution the programme resides in/on

a) Floppy disk b) ALU

c) RAM  d) Hard disk

57.     The user can interact with the compiler with the help of which part of the computer system?

a) CRT terminal b) Interpreter

c) CPU d) Application software

58.     The transistor  was invented by whom?

a)WiIliam Shockley b) Leibnitz

d) Pascal

59.     The process of data the data processing machines need to be fed with what?

a) Only data b) only instructions

c) Both data and instructions d) none of the above

60.     Which one  of the following characteristics is absent in a computer, however sophisticated it

 a) High Speed b) Intelligence

 c) Accuracy  d) Versatility

61.     The following is not a standard size of floppies?

a) 5 ¼ “ b) 8 ½ "

c) 3 ½  ‘’   d) None of the above

62.     What type of error is expected due to the following two statements in BASIC?

BEAD X,Y,Z DATA 10, abc,20

a) Type mismatch

b) Out of data

c) Syntax error

d) Logical error

63.     What is SSL?

a) It is a derivative of be scripting language, PHP

b) The IP protocol to dynamically assign IP addresses

c) It is a server side language

d) It allows secure connection

64.     What is a domain?

a) It is a precursor to the WWW

b) It is a host that is connected to two networks

c) It is a collection of sites that are related in some sense

d) It is a programme that responds to request from Browsers

65.     Floppy disks can be used for what?

a) Input only

c) Both input and output

b) Output only

d) None of these

66.     In data processing, classifying, calculating, sorting and summarizing, data are connected with what?

a) Managing output results b) Capturing of input data

c) Decision making of output data d) Manipulation of India.

67.     Prototyping men as what?

a) Designing the computer system

b) Creating, developing and refining a working model of the final output

c) Testing the computer system

d) Rules and conventions that govern transmission

68.     Ego less programming means that

a) The programmes are not the property of a single programmer

b) Programmes are written by a programmer who has no ego.

c) All the programmes are written by a single programmer

d) programmes requires only a small time for execution

69.     Which of the following is not a valid file name in DOS?

a) India. no txt    b) Letter .2

c) He & She gone d) None of these

70.     Which of these commands is not used to reach the top of a document with the cursor?

a) Ctrl+ Home b) Ctrl+ Enter

c) Ctrl+ Page Up d) None of the above

71.     Which of the given alternatives is a system which allows you to search indexes of file archives which are publicly available on the Internet?

a) Archie b) Betty

c) Jughead d) Mozilla

72.     The shortcut for undo is what?

a) Ctrl+U

c) Ctrl+Y

b) Ctrl+Z

d) Ctrl+V

73.     If a network line is leased, it is more economic per hour of use when

a) There, are more number of users

b) There are less number of users

c) The network is used for longer durations

d) There are more number of jobs

74.     The main idea behind backup is what?

a) To make optimum use of available storage

b) To safeguard against disaster

c) To utilize available manpower, time &storage

d) Ensure all data follow applicable standards

75.     Protecting the data from unauthorized access is called what?

a) Data in accessibility b) Data encryption

c) Data encapsulation d) Data security

76.     Which are the only two characters used in machine language?

a) -1 and +l b) ON and OFF

c) 0 and 1 d) High and Law

77.     A mainframe is generally more powerful! than a minicomputer but less powerful than a:

a) Microcomputer b) Personal computer

c) Laptop computer d) Super computer

78.     If a file is sorted into ascending sequence, the last value:

a) Is the lowest

b) Is the highest

c) Depends upon the number of records, in the file

d) Depends up on the number of files

79.     A field is a group of related:

a) Files b) characters

c) Records d) folders

80.     The tangible part of a computer system is called what?

a) Hardware b) Output data

c) Software d) Instruction.!

81.     Which is not true about FORTRAN?

a) It is programming language

b) It is mainly used for business '"implications

c) It permits a programmer to write in mathematical terms

d) It requires conversion for execution

82.     The device required for connecting an input/output device to the CPU is called what?

a) Compiler b) Interpreter

c) Assembler d) Interface

83.     Which of the following commands is used in DOS to see the contents of text file on the screen?





84.     Conversation of instruction and data into computer acceptable form is the function of what?

a) Out put interface b) CPU

c) Bus interface unit d) Input interface

85.     A multiprocessor is one with

a) One CPU executing several processes b) One CPU and several channels

c) Several CPU s d) Several peripheral and one CPU

86.     The three typical and different technologies used for pen plotters are what?

a) Flatbed, drum, impact b) Electrostatic, drum, flatbed

c) Impact, pinch-roller, r1atbed d) Chain, impact, drum

87.     The two engineering disciplines that generally share common databases and system are:

a) Testing and analysis b) manufacturing and analysis

c) CAD/CAM d) Testing

88.     What is the full form of SDN?

a) Integrated Subscriber Developer Network

b) . International Subscribers Dialing Number

c) Integrated Services Dial up Network

d) Integrated Services Digital Network

89.     Ink-jet printing is which kind of printing?

a) Thermal b) Dot-matrix

c) Impact d) Laser

90.     Corporate information means:

a) Information derived from weekly meetings

b) Brings healthy relationship between employees & employers

c) Contains personal particulars

d) Information of a end user

91.     Storage devices may be

a) Sequential type of direct access type

c) Direct access type only

b) Sequential type only

d) None of the above

92.     Which of the following condition is not necessary for computer teleconferencing?

a) The group members must participate at the same time

b) The group members must be connected to each other by networking

c) A group member should know the password for authorised access.

d) The group member must be on two terminator of same networking system.

93.     Data can be permanently held with the help of what?

a) Primary storage b) Secondary Storage

c) BIOS d) Cache memory ·

94.     A directory within another directory is called what?

a) Root directory b) Sub-directory

c) Main directory d) Derived directory

95.     When similar items are organised into groups it is called what?

a) Sorting b) Collating

c) Classifying d. Merging

96.     A dump terminal by itself

a) Can be programmed by the user

c) Can process small data by itself

97.     The CPU consists of what?

a) Control, A/L and primary storage units

b) Control, A/L, Primary and Secondary storage units

c) Arithmetic, Logic and control units

d) Control, ALU R Slots

98.     A new printer can be added by printer option in;

a) Dynamic data exchange b) WINDOWS control panel

c) File manager d)  Print option

99.     Three main types of local area networks are what?

a) Star, parallel and serial b) Ring, divergent and convergent

c) Star, ring and bus d) Hybrid, mesh, ring

100.    A number system is identified by use of what?

a) Prefixes b) Suffixes

c) Superscripts d) Subscripts


1. Which finger is used to type small letter 'a'.

- Little finger of left hand

2. In word processing red underline indicates

- Spelling mistakes

3. The short cut key to print a document is ..

-Ctrl +P

4. The size of the commonly used floppy disk is

- (3.5)

5. The instruction ‘by hand’ on the envelop is to be typed on

-Top left corner

6. The master key in a typewriter is

-Letter N.

7. A line drawn over any roman numerical indicates

-Multiplication of that numeral by 1000.

8. Paper release lever is also known as

-Paper adjuster

9. Demi-official letters are concluded by

-Yours sincerely

10. Which key should be used to get equal column

-Tab key

11. Which finger is used for striking the space bar

- Right thumb

12. The keys which do not make impression on the paper are called

- Non character keys

13. Abbreviations

Fincl       - Financial

Expln     -explanation

D.R.P     -Director of Public Relations

dept      -Department

D.O        -Demi official

Contn    -Continuation

Collr       -Collector

B.A.R.C -Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

B/E         - Bill of Exchange

B.A         - Bachelor of Arts

attn        -attention

A.E.E.    - Assistant Executive Engineer

assn       -association

a/o         -account of

appln     -Application

advt       -advertisement

E.C.G     -Electro cardiogram

H.R.A     -House Rent Allowance

IGNOU -India Gandhi National Open University

H.A.L     -Hindustan Aeronautics Limited