Friday, March 7, 2014

English Questions and Answers for Kerala PSC exams

English for Kerala PSC Exams

HSST  - English 
English for Secretariat Assistant
Secretariat Assistant - English Previous Questions 
Conditional Sentences
English for PSC - Question TAG
100 Common English verbs - O. Abootty

Sentence Correction
Prefixes and Suffixes
Synonyms and Antonyms
Parts of Speech
Idiomatic Expression
English Model Questions
English Model Questions and Answers (Postman Mail Guard)-2
English Model Questions and Answers (Postman Mail Guard)-1
Direct and Indirect Speech
Active and Passive Voice-1
Active Voice and Passive Voice-2
Verbs and Proverbs
Question Tag 
LDC - Tens and their uses
LDC - Idioms
Conjunctions and Adjectives
Phrase and Homonyms
General English - Degree Level (Selected by Kerala PSC)
Antonym of Abandon - O.Abootty

Tense and their uses
Crow and Caw - O. Abootty
Degree Level Exam - English
Degree Level Exam-Model Questions - English
Idioms and Phrases
Spinster and Widow - O.Abootty
English Corner - O. Abootty
General English Selected by PSC 
50 General English Questions and Answers
Women Police Constable - English Questions Tag
Confused words
Repeating errors
English one word questions selected by Kerala PSC
Subject and Verb
One word substitution

One word substitution

Linking Verb 

English Grammar - Questions and Answers

English Corner
Passive Voice - Very Easy
Antonyms and Synonyms
English Word confused
Phrasal Words - 70 one word questions and answer
One word substitution

General English - 50 Questions selected by PSC
100 English Questions and Answers


English - Phrasal Verb
English Expected Questions and Answers - 2
English Expected Questions and Answers


Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-1

Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-2
Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-3
Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-4
Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-5
Kerala PSC repeated English Grammar - Test-6

Sound of Birds and Small organisms
Branches of Science related to Nature
Masculine Gender and Feminine Gender 
Sound of Animals
Correct Spelling of commonly misspelt words

Grammar easy way

Collective Nouns, 
Sounds of Animals, 
Masculine gender/Feminine gender, 
Animals and Young ones, 
Animals and dwelling places,

Passive Voice

Degrees of Comparison
Present Tense
Past Tense
Future Tense
Reported Speech
Interrogation Sentence
Imperative and Exclamatory
Auxiliary Verbs
too... to
either .... or
neither .... nor
as well as
question tag
enough .... to
if - conditional case
Idiomatic Expressions
LDC - Subject-Verb-Agreement
LDC - English Grammar - Fill in the blanks (questions and answers)
LDC - English - Plural of erratum
LDC - English - Ing forms
LDC - English - Nouns, Verb, etc
LDC English Model questions (Courtesy - Kerala PSC Bulletin)
LDC based English Grammar
English Alphabet based questions

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