Friday, October 21, 2011

How to keep Paper records and Electronic Records - International Archive Method

കേരള ഗവണ്മെന്റ് 1976  ഇല്‍ രേഖകളെ സംബന്ധിച്ച് ചരിത്ര രേഖാ നയ തീരുമാനം അംഗീകരിച്ചു ഉത്തരവായി 
GO(MS)No.157/76/Hig. Edn. dated 11 October, 1967.

How to keep records scientifically

Minimum requirements in a Record Room - All Government department should follow this instruction, If so files never damage and become useless.- Download

Preservation and conservation of paper records - Note - Download

How to keep electronic records- Note - Download

Rights and duties of Record Keepers in a Government Office. All record keeping officers should follow this instructions strictly Download

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