Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to create blog

Hi friends
You can create your own blog.
You can select any subject for posting in to blog. For posting the article, you have to collect pictures, matters, events etc. The following steps to remember before creating a blog.
1. Select subject
2. Select name. Name should be related to the subject.
3. Collect materials, documents, articles, pictures, stories, etc.
4. If you want to create blog in www.blogger.com (this is the free site of google), firstly you have to create an E-mail account in www.gmail.com.
5. Now starting blogging.
6. Profile must be reliable and correctly.
7. Google do not allow any bad matter in their blog. So subject must be good and useful to others or yours.
8. You can treat your blog for your personal use. For this you can post your personal matters, daily events, intuitions  opinions etc.

Have a nice blogging

The following matter may help you to create blog. This is zipped PDF file. You can unzipped and read carefully.
How to create blog, more ..............

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