Monday, December 13, 2010


1. She congratulated me success in the examination
a) For    b) on     c) at       d) with
2. Health is preferable ......... wealth.
a) than  b) to      c) on      d) with
3. Alex is married: ............ Rose.
 (A) to (B) with c) between          d) along
4. The offspring of a-horse is called
a) calf    b) child c) colt    d) kitten
5. 'Modus operandi' is a ·Latin phrase that means
a) style of life     b) medium of instruction              c) model behavior           d) method of working
6. 'Bona fide' is a Latin phrase that means
a) place of birth                b)granting freedom        c)genuine            d) eligibility
In each question below four words
a), b), c) and d) are given. One of which may be wrongly spelt.  Find out the word with the wrong spelling.  If all the words are spelt correctly, the answer is (e)ie all correct.
7. a) receive       b) Calendar         c) awkward         d) gauge              e) all correct
8. a) Parliament                b) twelfth            c) liason                d) noticeable     e) all correct
9. a) queue         b) playwright     c) scissors            d) exaggerate    e) all correct
a) approve          b) distinguish     c) ridicule             d)recognize        e) none of these
a) timidity            b) bravery           c) audacity          d) boldness        e) none of these
a) remarkable    b) effortless       c) strange            d) suitable           e) None of these
a) criticize            b) analyze           c) examine          d) approve          e) None of these
Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.  The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence.  The number of that part is the answer.  If there is no error the answer is (E)
14) a. It was decided       b) to make alternate arrangements         c) in case the hotel          d) was fully booked        e) all correct
15)a) my previous teacher           b) emphasized on            c) the fact that handwork             d) is a precondition for success in life          e) all correct
Different parts of each of the following sentences are given in a jumbled order. The jumbled words are numbered in the answer choices that follow, different arrangements of the jumbled parts are mentioned.  Pick the correct answer choice that makes a proper sentence.  If all the choices are wrong, the answer is (E)
16. 1) the dignity of man               2) have preached that   3) undermines  4) all the philosophers of the world         5) No work
 a) 42156              b) 43521               c) 42531                d) 42513               e) None of these
17. 1) in                2) new`3) there is nothing            4) what 5) he has said
a) 31452               b) 53214               c) 32541                d) 32145               e) None of these
18. A person who negates the existence of God is called.
a) agonist            b) plagiarist         c) atheist             d) anarchist        e) None of these
19. A man who loves mankind is called
a) philanthropist               b) misanthropist               c) Samaritan       d) philologist      e) None of these
20. An irresistible tendency to steal things is called
a) dipsomania    b) megalomania               c) monomania   d) kleptomania e) None of these
21. The world’s largest employer is
a) American army            b) Chinese police             c) Indian railways             d) Indian army   e) None of these
(There is no correct answer. People’s Liberation Army China)
22. Jeev  Milkha Singh is associated with
a) Billiards            b) Golf  c) Athletics          d) Boxing             e) None of these
23. Time machine was written by
a) Charles Dickens           b) Jane Austen  c) Thomas Hardy              d) HG. Wells       e) None of these
24. Which of the following is not an operating system
a) DOS  b) Oracle              c) Linux d) Windows        e) All of them
25.Which was Napoleon’s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to St. Helen?
a) Battle of Waterloo      b) Battle of Trafalgar       c) Battle of Austerlitz      d) Battle of Leipzig           e) None of these

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